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What is Daily Dish?
Daily Dish is a dinner box company. We offer weekly, pre-portioned dinner boxes delivered to your door, in order to help you conveniently cook fresh, easy weekday dishes for your family, while limiting waste and maximizing nutrition.
Do I have to cook the dishes?
Yes, we do all the planning and buying and provide you with easy recipes and fresh ingredients, premeasured in exact quantities, delivered to your door. All you need to do is cook up amazing dinners with your partner, housemates or family. We believe that the freshest and most delicious food is that which has been freshly prepared and has no preservatives. It’s this convenience and focus on quality and freshness that is behind the Daily Dish concept.
How many meals are in the box?
You can choose to have 3 or 4 meals per week in your dinner box. This gives you maximum flexibility and affordability. You also choose whether you’d like the box to cater for 1, 2 or 4 people. Please note – we only have boxes for 1 person on the Classic and Banting menus. Please remember you can change your dinner box selection at any time.
Can I choose my own dishes?
Not at the moment (this feature coming soon). But please remember that each week we customize your menu based on the dinner box you’ve selected (Classic, Family, Banting, Vegetarian or Pork-Free). You can change your dinner box selection at any time.
How does the Banting Box work?
We've researched the Banting/Low Carb lifestyle and have done our best to provide dishes that provide 30g carbs or less per plate using ingredients are from the Real Meal Revolution Green and Orange lists. We don't claim to be nutritionists though – our aim is to provide the best quality ingredients and incredible convenience.
How do I change from one box to another?
Simply login to your Daily Dish account and navigate to the "Subscription Page" and PAUSE the box you no longer want to receive and START the box you want to have delivered next.
How long will my ingredients last?
The fresh produce and protein ingredients are super fresh and some have a short shelf life. You'll find "use by" dates on the labels. We also provide you with a suggested cooking order for the dishes every week. The service is designed to provide you with a convenient way of having delicious, freshly mid-week suppers on hand from Monday to Friday.
Where do you buy your ingredients?
We're part of the Fairview family - so we get our food directly from the Fairview farm and other local fresh produce and free range farms to ensure that we deliver only the very best produce. Our aim is to provide our customers with ingredients that are highest quality, fresh, seasonal, local, and sustainably produced. You'll find more information abou our suppliers here.
I have special dietary requirements – can you help?
Unfortunately not as all our boxes contain the same ingredients based on set menus (this enables us to buy and pack very efficiently and reduces the cost to you). You may want to consider this: since you're preparing the food, you can leave out ingredients that you're not able to eat. Just a thought.
Are the ingredients organic?
We go organic where and when possible. We also use as much seasonal South Africa produce as possible in our recipes, and we’re proud to have a wide range of different vegetables in our recipes, from local classics to specialist choices.
What happens if there is something wrong with the food?
It's our absolute mission to provide the highest quality ingredients possible. We buy from the very best providers, we package to preserve the food in the best way possible and we deliver it special, thermally cooled boxes, doing our utmost to preserve the cold chain all the way. If you find that anything in your box is not 100%, please contact us right away and we'll do everything we can to make it right.
What if my delivery is missing an ingredient?
Contact us right away and we'll do everything we can to make amends.
Can you re-use or recycle the boxes and ice?
To keep your Daily Dish ingredients at optimum temperature en route to you, they’re delivered in a thermally cooled box with ice packs. If you’d like us to re-use the ice packs and re-cycle the boxes for you, please hand these to the courier the next time they deliver to you.
Is there a lot of packaging?
In order to limit plastic packaging, you’ll receive the ingredients for your meals separated into individual brown bags for ease, convenience, and environmental friendliness. Each bag is packed with your nutritious, fresh ingredients straight from the farm direct to your kitchen.
What ingredients should I have at home?
You’ll need a few basic ingredients from your own pantry as you prepare your recipes. These include salt, pepper, butter, eggs, sugar, olive oil, vegetable oil, and milk. We let you know via email every Friday what “pantry items” you’ll need for your next dinner box delivery.
Are Daily Dish’s recipes suitable for children?
Our Family Box is designed to offer recipes which use little to no chili and other “hot” spices and condiments but are still packed with interesting flavours and textures. Ultimately, please remember that all our dishes are cooked by YOU, the home cook, meaning you have the final say in how much spice or which ingredients you may want to add in or leave out.
How many wine bottles in each box?
There are two 750ml bottles of Fairview wines in each box. One red wine and one white wine. Each box has been curated based on selected theme. For example "trending wines" or "single vineyard" wines.
Can I get more than one box?
Sure, you can. All you need to do is login and navigate to the "Subscription" page and START a subscription for the wine boxes you'd like to have delivered. Remember you can pause/resume your subscriptions every week depending on how many boxes you'd like or if you'd like to skip a week or two or ten.
Can I choose my own wines?
We have six curated wine boxes to choose from. You aren’t able to select individual wines or create your own pairs of wine.
How do I switch between boxes/subscriptions?
All you need to do is login and navigate to the "Subscription" page and pause the wine box you have now and then START a subscription for the wine box you'd like to have delivered.
What happens if a wine bottle is broken?
Please contact us right away and we'll deliver a replacement. Email us at or call/text us on 079-726-8223.
Is there a contract?
No. All Daily Dish boxes are subscription based, which means you can conveniently receive a Dinner Box or Wine Box every week. But you're definitely not locked into a contract. You can pause, resume or switch subscription from week to week. This means you can skip a week, or two or ten or permanently. It's all up to you.
When will I be charged?
Every week, you'll be automatically charged at 11am on Wednesday for boxes that are due for delivery the following Monday. We'll send you a reminder email on the Tuesday, in good time to login and pause (or resume/switch) your subscription before billing.
Oops I forgot to order in time, can I still get a box delivered?
If it's a wine box, please contact us and we'll do everything we can to make a plan for you
If it's a dinner box, unfortunately not. We have to get our orders in to all our food vendors by Wednesday afternoon, to make sure they can search for the freshest ingredients for us for the following week. We find that if we chop and change our order afterwards, there is always confusion and errors creep in and it gets messy. We hope you understand.
How do I pause my subscription?
Simply login to Daily Dish, go to the Subscription Page and click on the PAUSE button. To avoid being billed in time please pause well before the automatic billing run (11am on Wednesdays).
Can I skip a week?
Sure you can. Simply login to Daily Dish, go to the Subscription Page and click on the PAUSE button. You just need to remember to RESUME again the following week. We'll send you a pause/resume reminder email every Tuesday. We hope to have this automated soon – so you can opt for a delivery on alternate weeks, but for now it's needs your attention.
What if my suburb is not your delivery list?
Currently we're delivering to selected suburbs in Western Cape, Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Eastern Cape. If you don't see your suburb, either choose a suburb near to you or email us at to let us where you are and we'll check with our courier to see if we can accommodate you.
Which days do you deliver?
You'll get your Dinner Box or Wine Box delivered to your door every Monday between 8am and 5pm.
What time will my box be delivered?
Your box will be delivered between 8am and 5pm every Monday. If you do have a constraint (like your housekeeper leaves at 3pm), please make a note in the "Delivery Instructions" and we'll do absolutely everything we can to accommodate you.
What if I am not there when you deliver?
We'll make a plan. We'll try to contact you first to figure it out, but if we can't reach you we'll make an arrangement to leave your box with a neighbour, receptionist, security guard and then let you know.
How much does the delivery cost?
The cost is included in the subscription price.