Daily Dish remains open during lockdown

Daily Dish remains open during lockdown

  • 26 March 2020
At midnight tonight, Thursday 26 March, South Africa will officially enter a lockdown period to try and stop the spread of Covid-19.

The President has declared that all non-essential businesses need to shut down. Only those supplying essential goods and services will be allowed to continue to operate, and any places that do not sell essential goods and services will have to be closed.

There has been some confusion around what is deemed an essential business or service. Sit-down restaurants, caf├ęs, and takeaway places are not seen as essential and will, therefore, have to close their doors for at least the next 21 days. Online food delivery services that sell these restaurant-prepared foods will also have to close down for the time being.

Daily Dish is an essential service

The official lockdown regulations state that businesses may only sell goods that are deemed essential. Groceries and fresh food products are of course, essential.

The same rules apply to courier companies. Couriers who deliver essential goods such as medicine and groceries may continue to operate.

As Daily Dish delivers fresh ingredients, with recipes, that will be cooked at home - we are an essential service and will continue to operate as well as our couriers.

The benefits of ordering in during lockdown

The main aim of the lockdown is to limit the movement of people, which will help stop the spread of the virus. Although you may leave your home to perform essential activities, like grocery shopping, the less time you spend in public and more at home will only lower your risk of contracting the virus. Getting some of your much-needed groceries delivered straight to your door through a non-contact delivery will limit the time needed to grocery shop in public places.

Another issue with grocery shopping is that there is limited stock on hand. You may write up a great meal plan, but go to the shops only to find that they are out of half the items on your shopping list. But we have been working closely with our suppliers these last few weeks to ensure that we can get hold of enough fresh ingredients for the increased demand for our dinner kits.

But you still need food for the rest of the day, and we only sell ingredients for your dinners. We have a suggestion: You can either order more portions in your dinner kit, or even add another dinner kit to your order if you want more food! For example, let's say you're a couple: you can order a 4 person dinner kit and have enough food for dinner and lunch for the both of you. You can also order multiple boxes too if you're a family.

Maybe you've always wanted to learn how to cook, or love to cook, but never have the time. If you're staying home during the lockdown you will now have plenty of time on your hands to spend in the kitchen with our easy to follow Chef-designed recipes. Cooking can also be a great activity to keep the kids busy this extended school holiday. Get them involved with cooking our recipes too! It can be a great learning experience for them.

Learn more about our continued operation during the lockdown period, including our hygiene procedures here

You can find our certificate permitting us to continue operating below: