How To Reuse Daily Dish Packaging During Lockdown

How To Reuse Daily Dish Packaging During Lockdown

  • 19 May 2020
Usually, If you would like us to reuse the ice packs and recycle the boxes and brown bags from your Daily Dish dinner kit, you could hand these back to the courier to return to us. But at the moment we have unfortunately had to stop packaging returns, for now, to keep you and our hard-working couriers safe. Have you been wondering what you can do with your Daily Dish packaging now? Here are a few ideas of how you can reuse or repurpose the packaging during lockdown.

Use Ice Packs in Your Garden

It’s handy to have a couple of ice packs in the freezer to use to keep things cool when travelling, or when load-shedding hits. But if your freezer is well stocked with ice packs now, you can use them in your garden to help save water!

All you need to do is mix the content of the ice pack (the gel) with potting soil and add it to your garden. It will help your potting soil to retain moisture for longer periods.

For more information instructions please visit:

Make an Eco Brick

An Ecobrick is a plastic bottle stuffed tightly with clean and dry non-recyclable materials that can be used as a building material. You can add any plastic from food packaging, if cleaned and dried properly, to make an eco brick.

Your end product should be a hard, well stuffed, clean and dry bottle brick that can be dropped off at a collection point after lockdown has ended.

You can find some Cape Town drop-off points here here and Gauteng drop-off points here

Grow Herbs in Food Tins

Tins can be recycled, but here’s a way to reuse them, that could be a fun activity for the kids too. The tins can be decorated, painted, and then used to plant seedlings. Look at this video from Tasty which shows you how to regrow herbs in tins

Get Creative with Cardboard Boxes

You can reuse your Daily Dish cardboard boxes for storage, or keep them to be recycled after lockdown.

But they can also be repurposed in so many ways. Cardboard boxes offer endless fun for kids, as seen here with this photo shared by @smittenwolfe on Instagram

But there’s plenty more you can do with a cardboard box besides play in them. They can be used to create so many things, from desks to games to file organizers. Check out a few craft ideas here and on Youtube.