The Benefits of Lockdown Baking

The Benefits of Lockdown Baking

  • 23 May 2020
There’s been a huge baking boom in the last few months. It seems that many people have taken advantage of the extra free time at home to keep busy in the kitchen, baking sweet treats and cooking up a storm.

If you’ve caught the baking bug this lockdown season you’ll be well aware of some of the benefits of baking - it’s fun, and you get to enjoy something delicious afterwards! Even if your bread didn't rise properly or your biscuits don’t look perfect, they’re still delicious enough to be enjoyed.

But the benefits of #quarantinebaking goes deeper than this. Baking seems to be one of the best ways to look after our mental health during this time.

Psychologists confirm that stress baking is a great way to distract us from the current crisis. . They say that focussing all your attention on baking something can lead to a mindful state that relieves anxiety and stress. When you’re baking, you focus on the task at hand: measuring, weighing, mixing, and following the recipe instructions. This means you’re not thinking about other things that could stress you out and your attention is on your recipe and not worrying things like the news. The fact that we’re baking comforting foods that remind us about happy times also helps.

Baking can give you a sense of accomplishment. It’s extremely rewarding to put time and effort into making something, especially something like sourdough which takes several days to make. It gives you a feeling of achievement when you’re finished. Baking bread, in particular, is time-consuming. This means it's a great way to pass the time while at home This is very important right now because some people cannot go to work or do the other things they normally do, and keeping busy by doing something productive makes you feel better.

A study by the Real Bread Campaign found that Baking bread reduces anxiety and increases happiness in those struggling with mental health.

Another study, from the Journal of Positive Psychology, found that frequently engaging in small creative tasks, like baking or cooking, helps people cultivate positive psychological functioning.

It has also seemed to be a way to connect with each other even while social distancing. While we’ve been stuck at home under lockdown everyone is posting pictures of their loaves of banana bread, sourdough, cookies and more sweet treats. Social media has given us a sense of social cohesion, even when we are apart. And seeing someone else’s baking success in the kitchen can inspire more people to get baking - and then they too reap the mental health benefits of baking.

Stressed is desserts spelt backwards after all... So if you're still stuck at home and feeling stressed keep on filling your time with cooking and baking new recipes. It’s a great stress reliever and you’re bound to learn new skills.