Dinner tips for busy families

Dinner tips for busy families

  • 9 June 2020
What’s for dinner? We all know that keeping dinners exciting and healthy is a struggle at the best of times. When you find yourself at the end of the day staring into the empty fridge with no dinner ideas, the easiest option may be to order a fast-food delivery.

We all know that eating fresh, homemade dinners better for our health (and not to mention our wallets!) than ordering in. Here are a few tips to help you make dinner nutritious and exciting every night, even on a busy schedule.

Plan ahead

It might be easier said than done when it’s dinner time already and you haven’t planned anything yet, but planning your meals in advance really can make dinner a breeze. Meal planning and grocery shopping can be a daunting task considering our hectic schedules, but it definitely makes things easier in the long run.

An easy way to meal plan is to pick a day of the week, print out a planner and write down the week’s dinners and ingredients required. This way you can go grocery shopping for all your week’s ingredients in one go, instead of going to the shops several times a week.

Want to skip the supermarket run and meal planning altogether? With a Daily Dish dinner kit you can! The only planning you’ll need to do is choosing which dinners you want to enjoy that week. You can also pick various Add-ons like braai packs and pizza kits for weekend dinners too. We’ll deliver all you need straight to your door on Monday - no shopping required!

Keep your favourite recipes on hand

Make a collection of your family’s favourite recipes so you can always have dinner inspiration at your fingertips when meal planning or need a last-minute recipe idea. You can mark out pages in recipe books, make a Pinterest board, or a flip file of your Daily Dish recipe cards. We also have hundreds of tried and tested recipes you can browse through on our site here.

Cook in bulk

Every time you're cooking you can aim to make enough for at least a couple of leftovers for each person. Then you can easily freeze a few portions for a meal at a later stage.

Meals like stews, soups, and lasagnas freeze brilliantly, they can easily be taken out of the freezer and defrosted for a hassle-free dinner on those busy evenings. Invest in some good storage containers and cooking in bulk will definitely save you money and time in the long run.

Get the whole family involved

Many hands make light work! Recruiting the rest of the family to help out with dinner prep and will not only mean you’ll be done with cooking quicker, but it can be a fun family activity, and there are so many benefits for kids to learn how to cook from a young age.

Take a break

Life happens. Sometimes even all the planning and preparation in the world can’t come together in time for dinner and all you’ll want to do is pick up the phone and order in. And that’s totally okay - life is all about balance after all. You can just try to stick to smarter and healthier choices on the menu and keep takeaways as an occasional treat and not the norm.