How to eat for free with Daily Dish

How to eat for free with Daily Dish

  • 14 July 2020
Yes, you read that right - you can potentially enjoy free Daily Dish dinner kit deliveries!

What’s the catch?

Its simple: all you have to do is refer people to Daily Dish and you will receive discounts on your orders. For each person that you refer, you will receive a discount on your next order. The discount varies between R100 and R250 according to which dinner kit they order. And the friend you refer will also receive a discount too!

So how do you eat for free then? Well, all you have to do is refer multiple people who all sign up with your link and order. The discounts you receive will accumulate - that’s how you could potentially eat for free!

Just follow these steps to enjoy discounted dinner kits:

1. Send your link to friends

You can find your unique referral link here.Copy the link and email or WhatsApp it to anybody you think needs Daily Dish in their lives - your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours - whoever you think would enjoy safe, contactless deliveries of preportioned ingredients!

2. Your friend signs up and orders

Your friend should click on the link sent to them and sign up for Daily Dish. They then need to order any one of our delicious dinner kits. Their discount will automatically be applied to their order and the discount value will depend on which dinner kit they’ve chosen.

3. You will receive your discount

After the friend you referred has paid and ordered, you will receive a discount on your next order. You’ll be able to see a summary of your referrals and how much discount you have accumulated on your Refer a Friend page.

4. Happy cooking!

Everybody enjoys cooking healthy and hassle-free dinners in the comfort of their own homes.

So although there may be no such thing as a free lunch, there certainly is such a thing as a free Daily Dish dinner!