Our Favourite Scrumptious Salads

Our Favourite Scrumptious Salads

  • 15 November 2020
Now that we’re well into spring, we’re eating less hearty winter soups and sides and more fresh salads. Salads are an easy way to eat more vegetables, but eating the same mix of lettuce, tomato and cucumber every day gets boring very quickly. When you bring new elements to your salad bowl with interesting flavours and different textures they become much more exciting. Mixing them up with different sources of fat and protein also makes them way more satisfying.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite Daily Dish salads, all full of farm-fresh ingredients, that are delicious as a meal on their own or as a healthy side at your next braai.

Crunchy Roast Summer Roots
Dinner literally and figuratively chop, chop. This roasted sweet butternut, feta, pecan, and red cabbage tahini salad is all the trend until year-end.

Pesto Chicken and Tomato Salad
We can’t have a salad round up without a tasty pasta salad - Pesto lathered smoked chicken, cherry and sundried tomato farfalle pasta with delicious pan-seared button mushrooms and saute spinach.

Sweetcorn Halloumi Salad
Grilled halloumi with barley, sweetcorn, and Swiss chard salad.

Aubergine with Pistachio Mint Couscous
Spiced baked aubergine with honey and mustard grape tomato, pistachio and avocado couscous salad.

Baharat Chickpea Salad
Roast baharat spiced veggies with chickpeas served on fresh lettuce & rocket with tahini.

Chickpea Fattoush Salad
Roasted chickpeas scattered over a salad, topped with sumac.

Hummus Salad
Carrot & beetroot salad, served with maple dressed kale & cucumber & hummus on the side.

Honey Carrots Salad
Barley with a honey dressing, topped with roasted carrots, coriander, black sesame seeds, and goats cheese.