Delicious Moments

Delicious Moments

  • 5 September 2016
My beautiful son Nick turned 30 this year. It seems like yesterday that he was just 4 years old, a little ray of smiling sunshine whirling through the house. I often think what I wouldn’t do to have just one day with that little 4-year-old angel again. To be with him, to play with him, to bask in the utter joy of his curiosity, playfulness, laughter and wondrous discovery of the world. Not that it isn’t equally exquisite to spend time with him now … but how quickly time goes by.

Living on Purpose

Making time for the delicious moments in life … consciously and purposefully seeking those moments out is something that I’ve come to focus on rather than being on auto-pilot to check off my To Do List. As a single parent who needed to work, time was precious, but If I could go back in time, one of the life hacks I would have used to spend more time with Nick would be to eat together more often.

The Family Dinner Project

I was often not home in time for Nick’s dinner and this is something that I would definitely do differently. That special time once a day to sit down and share a meal, even cook a meal together is very special sacred time. So special in fact, that research reveals that children who spend this kind of time together as a family have higher self-esteem, are more grounded and have higher EQ which in turn leads to better performance at school and lower rates of drug use and behavioural problems as teenagers. In short, happier little souls. Powerful stuff. You’ll find more details here about The Family Dinner Project.

The Joy of Cooking Together

We get lots of feedback from our customers and one of the expected themes is that families are spending more time together, children (including teenagers) are learning to cook and discovering the joy of spending time together doing something creative and rewarding like cooking. When we started Daily Dish our mission was to deliver the most convenient, tasty, healthy way to cook dinner. We never dreamed that this simple mission would ignite the joy of cooking in so many people or bring so many families so close together. Makes our hearts sing! And not having to waste time schlepping to the grocery store frees up even more time to do something special with your precious angels. Enjoy every delicious moment.

Diane de Villiers (co-founder Daily Dish)