The Daily Dish Christmas Feast

The Daily Dish Christmas Feast

  • 4 December 2020
Daily Dish has been making mealtimes a little bit easier all year - don't worry, we won't be stopping over the Festive Season!

Christmas Lunch can fill a chef with dread. Sure, it's a special occasion and always delicious, but facing the chaos and queues at the supermarkets and then spending hours slaving away cooking in the kitchen isn't most people's idea of a holiday.

That's why we're gifting you with a delightfully festive feast for Christmas, that doesn't involve hours of stress or last-minute supermarket runs. Our Festive Boxes contain everything needed to serve a mouthwatering Christmas feast for 4-6 people - all the ingredients prepared and portioned out with easy recipes and expert tips from Chef Gino.

We’re making it easy for you to have the perfect festive family dinner, that needs less time in the kitchen, so you can spend more time with your loved ones. Orders for the Christmas Festive Feast will close on 16 December and your dinner kit will be delivered on the 23rd of December.

Here's what's on our scrumptious festive Christmas 2020 menu:

Rolled Lamb Shoulder with Chevin and Blushed Tomatoes

Our summery Mediterranean take on Santas favourite festive feasts with this deboned lamb shoulder, stuffed with a chevin and feta, sundried tomato, olive, garlic and caper stuffing, paired with a delicious drippings dry cider gravy.

Masala Cauliflower Gratin

What's any eating occasion without a bit of crispy, oozy, cheesy gratin, but with the season comes some much-needed fusion with our
test kitchen favourite masala cauliflower bake with crispy onion and grape tomato rustic sambal.

Smashed Herbed Potatoes

The ole roast potato is exactly what your expecting! We giving you that and so much more with this "new kid on the block" smashed roasted baby potatoes. All the flavour, all the nutrition, finished with a zesty herby chimichurri.

Hearty Christmas Roast Chicken Pie

If 'tis the season for memories then let's dine and bask in all the festive nostalgia with a decadent chicken, earthy mushroom and silky leek pie, artisanally home made, and oh so easy.

Traditional Mince Pies

Traditionally macerated Cherries, Dates and Raisins wrapped in crispy, flaky pie pastry