New Year's Resolutions with Daily Dish

New Year's Resolutions with Daily Dish

  • 31 December 2020
For many people, the new year is a clean slate and a chance to reset and set ambitious goals for the year ahead - this is even more so this year after everything that happened in 2020.

But most resolutions are not followed through and are given up by the end of January. We’ve all been there!

But with Daily Dish, it’s easy to stick to your healthy eating resolutions for longer than a few weeks.

Here’s how we can support you achieve your healthy eating resolutions, and other goals, for 2021.

Eat healthier

Along with getting fit and joining the gym, this has got to be one of the most popular new years resolutions.

Cooking healthy meals can be stressful and overwhelming, but if you want to change the way you eat for the better, it can be easier than you think. Our dinner kits are full of fresh ingredients delivered to your doorstep every Monday. We do the hard work - you dont have to worry about shopping or planning your healthy dinners. And since our menu changes every week, you don’t have to worry about healthy eating getting boring.

Eat less meat

Healthy for the planet and your body, plant-based diets are gaining popularity.

Whether you want to try meat-free Mondays or stop eating meal completely, we have delicious lacto-ovo vegetarian dishes on our vegetarian menu every week that make it easy and delicious to go meat-free. All dishes are nutritionally balanced with enough protein to fuel you.

Learn to cook

Learning a new skill is a great resolution, especially when it’s as beneficial as learning new cooking skills. Whether you’re a newbie in the kitchen who has never cooked before, or you just want to learn how to create exciting dishes from a variety of world cuisines - our easy to follow recipes helps it to be less daunting.

This one isn’t just for the adults, but the kids too - there are so many benefits for kids to start learning to cook from a young age. Our Family Box is filled with amazing family favourites, easy enough for the whole family to help in the kitchen, and tasty enough so that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy every single bite.

Save money

Groceries tend to be one of the biggest expenses in most households - but a few small tweaks and rands saved here and there will add up in the long run.
On average, our foodies say we save them R200-300 per week! Here’s how.