Tips for plating your food

Tips for plating your food

  • 8 January 2021
We eat with our eyes - good food presentation can actually make a dish taste better.

Whether you are hosting a dinner party, posting your dishes on Instagram or just want to make every meal even more delicious, you need to think about your food plating and presentation.

There are a few principles and techniques anyone can learn to make their dishes look as delicious as they taste. Take a look at how we plate our dishes too on your recipe cards if you need some inspiration.

  • Choose the right plate - Selecting the right plate for your meal is key to attractive food presentation. Choose the right size plate, making sure it's big enough to allow your food to stand out, but small enough that your portions don't look too small.

  • Leave room around the edge of the plate - This frames the food and helps draw the eye to the actual food and prevents the dish from looking crowded.

  • Add contrast - add different colours and textures to give your dish more depth and variety. We first eat food visually so it helps to add complementary colours to a plate to make it more aesthetic.

  • Arrange your food in odd numbers - One unofficial rule of cooking is to rely on odd over even numbers of food items, because when it comes to food, odd number are more aesthetically pleasing. When you have individual elements, such as prawns, potatoes, meatballs, or anything really - serve an odd number of items on each plate.

  • Don’t skip the garnish - a garnish is a very simple way to elevate your dish. Add chopped herbs, a dollop of sour cream or pesto, some coarsely ground pepper or a squeeze of balsamic reduction. If your dish contains a sauce, don't just pour the sauce carelessly all over the plate - lightly drizzle the sauce over the main ingredients.

  • Clean up before serving - Use some paper towel to wipe around the edge of your plate for a neat presentation just before you tuck in.