Creating your Valentines Day Feast

Creating your Valentines Day Feast

  • 8 February 2021
This year for Valentines Day we're spoiling our loved ones with this scrumptious and decadent Chicken Roulade with Pomme Mousseline and Wild Mushrooms. And with Chef Gino's help, this dish is guaranteed to impress your date!

This dish will require you to learn a basic culinary technique known as Sous-Vide or simply put layering and wrapping your ingredients in clingfilm and allowing them to set before cooking.

Learning how to prepare a Sous-Vide can seem daunting at first but with a little practice can be perfected quite easily and it is a skill that plays an important role in so many different areas of cooking; its aids in portioning, allows the shape created to set and preserves the meat for later use.

Chef Gino is going to help make your cooking a breeze with this video where he's going to show you exactly how to construct your Roulade.

Parmesan shards

Important to follow your recipe card exactly when sprinkling the Parmesan, no holes, ensure even coverage.

How to make your roulade

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