Get rewarded for healthy choices with Vitality

Get rewarded for healthy choices with Vitality

  • 4 February 2021
We’re very excited to announce that Discovery Vitality members can now earn up to 25% back on qualifying Daily Dish meals!

We have joined Vitality as a rewards partner in 2021, which means that you can get rewarded when you order healthy meals from Daily Dish.

How does it work?

Every week a number of meals from each of our five weekly menus will qualify for HealthyDining rewards. Qualifying meals can be easily identified on the weekly menu on the website with the Vitality HealthyDining indicator. Plus, you can easily swap out any of the meals in your chosen dinner kit with a HealthyDining meal from another menu to maximize your savings and your health!

Dishes with the HealthyDining logo have been carefully analysed and selected by Vitality’s expert nutritionists to be healthy and balanced, so you can relax knowing you, and your family’s, nutrition is taken care of. Every time you order one of these qualifying dishes you can be rewarded with up to 25% back

How to earn your rewards for being healthy

1. Activate HealthyDining on your Discovery App
2. Log onto your Daily Dish account
3. Go to your subscription page and verify your Vitality HealthyDining details with your ID/Passport number
4. Choose from several HealthyDining dishes available weekly from all of our menu plans
5. Get up to 25% back and enjoy the rewards of staying healthy!

Find out more about Vitality HealthyDining here.