Homemade Salad Dressings

Homemade Salad Dressings

  • 16 September 2016
In our opinion, there are lots of nasty ingredients hidden in store bought food – especially pre-packaged food made by large corporates. When it comes to salad dressings, do you know what’s in that bottle you just bought? Preservatives, sugar, GMO’s?

So easy to make at home

It’s so quick and easy, not to mention soooooo delicious, to make your own homemade salad dressings. You may even have all the ingredients right in your pantry. Best of all, you know exactly what's going into the food you prepare, and where it comes from. Michael Pollan, in the fabulous documentary Cooked, opines: “When you let a corporation cook your food, they cook differently than people do. You have an industry that is trying to undermine cooking as an everyday practice.” We feel that this applies to something as simple as preparing salad dressing!

Recipes you can try right now

Here are some super easy recipes for salad dressings that you can make it a few minutes. We bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how tasty they are as well as how simple they are to make.
Homemade Balsamic Dressing - 4g of Carbs per 30ml
Homemade French Dressing - 2g of Carbs per 30ml
Homemade Yoghurt Dressing - 2g of Carbs per 30ml