Herb Infused Summer Drinks

Herb Infused Summer Drinks

  • 23 September 2016
Fresh herbs are great for cooking but also make super refreshing summer drinks. Some even reckon herb and cucumber water encourages a flat tummy. Yay!.

Fresh, fresh, fresh

You know we're all about fresh ingredients and great taste! So we suggest you don't cheat and use only the freshest ingredients for this recipe for our delicious Herb Infused Mint & Cucumber Water

Fresh Mint

There's nothing like the delicious smell of fresh mint. Did you know some say mint is a natural appetite suppressant? Great way to stop food cravings.

Fresh Lemons

Lemons also help supress food cravings and help to cleanse and detoxify the body. Since lemons are alkaline forming, they also help with weight loss.

Fresh Cucumber

You want to keep your body as alkaline as possible and cucumbers help to achieve this. They have practically no calories and are naturally high in dietary fibre.

Fresh Ginger

Ooooh, we love the zing of a shot of fresh ginger. It adds so much flavour.


Here's the recipe for this delicious and refreshing summer drink: Herb Infused Mint & Cucumber Water Enjoy!