Hassle Free Back-To-School

Hassle Free Back-To-School

  • 12 January 2018
It’s back to waking up to an alarm, dragging your kids out of bed, getting them dressed, fed and ready to go back to school. Not to mention you have to roll out of bed yourself and somehow make yourself presentable for another day at work.

The new school year isn’t just about “back-to-school.” It’s more like “back to reality” or even “surviving a new year of madness” with a whole bunch of activities like soccer and netball practice, piano or violin lessons, and everything else that active kids get up to these days.

On top of which your job description changes from whatever it is that you do, to frantic taxi-driver, errand-runner and personal assistant to a bunch of kids who have specific needs. Oh, and you become an instant dietician too, keeping in mind that your kids need their “five-a-day”, wholegrains, something green, something filling, things that make them grow, things that make their brains grow and things that keep them from falling asleep in maths or history class.

The worst part is that, in between all the back-to-school madness, there’s the question of “what’s for dinner” nagging at the back of your mind. Not even Yoga can make you relax and forget about the dreaded supermarket isles, with ready made meals made to microwave all the nutrients away. Then you also have to keep in mind the little munchkin who doesn’t eat anything but two-minute noodles and tomato sauce.

Honestly, “back-to-school” doesn’t paint a bright and happy picture at all, does it?

What if you could start the year off with a less depressing thought? Like easy-to-cook, healthy, delicious and family friendly meals being delivered at your doorstep. Or perhaps your kids helping you prepare these delicious dinners in the comfort of your kitchen. What if you didn’t have to worry about supermarket isles, microwave dinners and your kids getting all the goodness they need?

With a Daily Dish dinner box, your stress levels will be significantly lower than it usually is during this time of the year. We worry about the supermarket schlep, the fresh ingredients, the tasty dinner recipes and getting your kids the all the nutritional goodness they need. Even the picky munchkin will love every bite!

Not only is this more convenient, but it’s also a great excuse for you to spend more time with your kids in the kitchen, as well as having a delicious family meal together. You’ll get to find out all about the activities of the day, and you won’t be tired and worn out from worrying about dinner.

With Daily Dish, your Back-to-school is guaranteed to be hassle free!

Give it a try!

Ida and the DD team