The Power of Seasonal Eating

The Power of Seasonal Eating

  • 3 January 2020
One of the biggest philosophies we follow at Daily Dish is seasonal eating.

It’s a simple concept – you simply purchase and eat produce that is harvested in season. So it isn’t so much a trend as it is just going back to what we did in the not so distant past, before globalization of the food system. Nowadays it’s now possible to buy nearly every variety of fruit and vegetables all year round, even when they’re not in season locally. This out of season produce has to be imported from halfway across the world, which means it has negative effects on both you and the earth.

This is why we believe in the power of seasonal eating:

The food tastes better

Eating seasonally means that the food is fresher and hasn’t had to be transported across the world. In-season produce is ripened naturally by weather conditions when it has its peak flavour, whereas out of season produce is harvested early and artificially ripened, and consequently isn’t nearly as delicious.

The food is more nutritious

As soon as fruits and vegetables are harvested they start to lose nutrients, especially vitamins, which for many of us is the main drawcard to eating them. The longer they’re stored and the further they’re transported, the more vitamins they lose.
Some health professionals believe seasonal eating helps meet your body’s needs in different seasons. For example, citrus fruits are in season in autumn and winter – when we need their vitamin C the most.

Local is lekker

Seasonal eating supports local producers and farmers, which helps grow our economy.

Smaller carbon footprint

Transport and storage contribute a huge proportion to a food product’s carbon footprint. Therefore food produced and consumed locally is far more environmentally friendly than imported out-of-season foods that have to be shipped in.

It’s cheaper

Less distribution and refrigeration costs, and import duties if they come from abroad, means seasonal food is friendlier on your wallet.

We love sourcing in-season fresh produce for your Daily Dish meals because it’s better for you, your
budget, and our planet!