Can pizza really be healthy?

Can pizza really be healthy?

  • 20 February 2020
Pizza... Healthy and nutritious. Those three words are not often found together in one sentence! Let’s be real; more often than not, pizza is made up of a lot of carbs, a lot of cheese and a lot of processed meat… and if you mean business, you go for the stuffed crust option. Let’s be honest here, while we’re at it!

But pizza can be such a nutritious meal if proper expertise and creativity is applied to it. The options are endless. By simply changing the standard flour base for a cauliflower base, for example, you’re already getting an extra portion of vegetables in and substantially lowering the total amount of calories of your meal.

Don’t like cauliflower? Don’t worry about it - go for a broccoli base or almond base. Or even a flaxseed base! Full of healthy fats, and a super interesting take on pizza!

Now the toppings: if a fresh, quality tomato-based sauce can be packed with nutrients, why not whatever goes on top? Why not go for the many veggie options, instead of the standard ‘meat lovers’ pizza? (Hey, no judgement on the meat lovers - we all have different needs!). Think mushrooms, peppers, basil and tomatoes…. Mmmmm. So much flavour, and so much nutrition!

For those that need their meat, try something that has not gone through several machine-run processes to make it what it is… I’m thinking chicken strips or some sliced beef. That way you are still getting your protein and meat fix to build those muscles ;) but you are not getting all those added chemicals and all the fat that will make your belly expand simply by just looking at it…

By making those simple changes, you can turn a delicious meal - that’s usually perceived as ‘naughty’ amongst the health conscious - into something both delicious and nutritious, perfectly balanced for a healthy diet, but yet still fun at parties.

Having said the above, balance is part of a healthy life, so even if you do choose to go for the standard base and toppings, you are not going to go to health prison. Promise.

Healthy life is first and foremost about being aware of what you are putting into your body, maintaining balance and trying to make healthier choices. Make those choices least 80% of the time, and get to know how to make the healthiest options the easiest, and you’ll outrun your grandchildren until they hit their twenties!