Chef Tip #2 Use Fresh Herbs

Chef Tip #2 Use Fresh Herbs

  • 14 July 2016
There is nothing like the taste of fresh herbs to make your dishes totally delicious. We have fresh herbs in our Daily Dish dinner boxes every week. And the fresh smell is just awesome!

For quick and easy dishes with short cooking times, chefs agree that cooking with fresh herbs adds so much more flavour and freshness to the dish.

Use a very sharp knife to chop your herbs otherwise they will just bruise and become discoloured.

Remember, only wash your herbs just before you use them. In the meantime, store them in your fridge unwashed.

Take a look at this yummy Middle Eastern Stew with Fresh Chermoula - the fresh, zingy Chermoula (fresh coriander, lemon juice and garlic) really makes this dish.