Why Kids Should Learn to Cook

Why Kids Should Learn to Cook

  • 27 July 2016
Cooking can be such a creative, fun experience. Here are 3 reasons you’d want your kid to be your little helper in the kitchen.

Healthy Food Habits

When kids get involved in cooking they learn a valuable life skill that will positively impact their future and their health. They’ll develop an appreciation for the labour of love that is wrapped up in food preparation, become aware of the nutritional value of food and the importance of developing healthy eating habits.

Practical Maths

Cooking involves quite a bit of maths. Half a cup of this or two tablespoons of that. Not to mention cooking times and following the instructions of a recipe. Kids will learn a very practical application to fractions and arithmetic as a result of helping in the kitchen.

Family Togetherness

Cooking with your kids provides a fertile environment to spend sacred time bonding with your children. They love to explore new things and enjoy a real and immediate sense of accomplishment when the food is served. Luckily, getting a Daily Dish dinner box enables you to enjoy the fun part with your kids (cooking and eating) whilst we take care of the schlepp (planning and shopping).

Happy cooking!