Can pizza really be healthy?
20 February 2020
Our Dietician Mariella explains how it's possible to make pizza healthy
Traditional South African Foods - The Bunny Chow
23 September 2019
This week we look at another delicious South African meal loved across the country - The Bunny Chow. This staple street food had its humble beginnings in Durban, but it is now eaten across the country and loved by South Africans of all backgrounds.
Traditional South African Foods - The Koeksister
17 September 2019
With Heritage Day around the corner, we are looking at some of our favourite South African treats and traditional dishes. Here in The Rainbow Nation, we are lucky to have such diverse cultural groups, each one with their own unique and tasty cuisine.
Fresh, Quick, Tasty and ...
19 August 2016
When we started Daily Dish I thought finding a way to provide a food service that delivers on this philosophy was enough, but we’ve found it to be so much more rewarding.
Fresh Tahini - Handmade by You
13 July 2016
At Daily Dish we have such a focus on FRESH food. It’s one of the main things that prompted us to start this business. There's nothing as tasty as food that's been freshly made and then eaten right away.