Solo: Banting Fry Up

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Solo: Banting Fry Up

A tasty plate of smoky tomato mushroom & chard veggie mix, chipolata sausages and a fried egg, sunny side up.

Ingredients to serve 1

  • ½ clove x garlic – peel, grate & chop
  • 100g x cherry tomatoes – cut in half
  • 65g x mushrooms – slice
  • ½ tsp x Fry Up Spice Mix
  • 3g x fresh thyme – strip off leaves
  • 150g x pork chipolatas (sausages)
  • 1 x egg
  • 50g x Swiss chard – cut off ends and tear
  • olive oil (from your pantry)
  • salt and black pepper (from your pantry)
  • butter (from your pantry)


Step 1

Preparation: Prepare all ingredients as indicated above.

Step 2

Chipolatas: Place a little olive oil in a frying pan on medium heat. Cook the sausages for 10 minutes, shaking the pan from time to time, until golden and cooked.

Step 3

Veggie mix: Place a few knobs of butter in a large frying pan on high heat. When melted, fry the mushrooms with thyme, salt and pepper for 3-5 minutes until golden. Add the garlic, tomatoes, Fry Up Spice Mix and cook for another 3 minutes on high heat. Add the Swiss chard and cook for another minute until wilted. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Step 4

Egg: Using the same pan, add a little more olive oil and set the heat to medium. Break the egg and slip into the pan, one at a time. Fry sunny side up for 2 minutes until the white is set and the yolk (yellow part) is still runny. Season with salt and pepper.

Step 5

Plate a portion each of the veggie mix, sausages and a fried egg.