Sticky Beef Rice Noodles

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Sticky Beef Rice Noodles

Seared crispy pan beef with bean chili and teriyaki glaze served with rice noodles, wok-fried onions and bell peppers and a lemony carrot salad.

Ingredients to serve 2

  • 300g x Beef Mince
  • ½ x Onion - diced
  • 1 x Green Pepper - core removed and diced
  • 1 x Carrots - shaved with a peeler or julienne peeler
  • 150g x Rice Noodles
  • 5g x Fennel - chopped
  • 10ml x Lemon Juice
  • 2.5ml x White Sesame Seeds
  • 90ml x DD Korean Glaze
  • Boiling Water (from your pantry)
  • Salt and Pepper (from your pantry)
  • Olive Oil (from your pantry)

Ingredients to serve 4

  • 600g x Beef Mince
  • 1 x Onion - diced
  • 2 x Green Pepper - core removed and diced
  • 2 x Carrots - shaved with a peeler or julienne peeler
  • 300g x Rice Noodles
  • 10g x Fennel - chopped
  • 20ml x Lemon Juice
  • 5ml x White Sesame Seeds
  • 180ml x DD Korean Glaze
  • Boiling Water (from your pantry)
  • Salt and Pepper (from your pantry)
  • Olive Oil (from your pantry)


Before You Begin

Prepare your ingredients & cooking utensils. Use a chopping board and lay all the ingredients out. Take out any "Pantry Items".

Washing Instruction

Wash your hands and green peppers and carrots well. Rinse your fennel thoroughly and drain on paper towel.

Gino's Tip

Ground black pepper will give this recipe an authentic taste and flavor, so if you want to spruce the dish up, add extra crackings of black pepper.

Step 1 - Rice Noodles

Place your rice noodles in a large mixing bowl and top with your boiling water. Cover with cling film and set aside for 10-15 minutes until just about soft. Drain through a colander and reserve until the end of Step 3.

Step 2 - Korean Stir Fry

Heat a large casserole pan over med-high heat. Once your pan is hot, fry your beef mince for 8-10 minutes until crisp. I find the best way to brown and crisp mince is, for the most part, to leave it alone. Start with a hot oiled pan, add your mince and let it brown, then flip the pieces over or move them around until they crisp sort of evenly, lastly you want to break the mince down with a wooden spoon. Season lightly with salt and pepper, transfer to a serving dish once done. In the same pan, adding more olive oil, if necessary, fry your diced onions for 3-4 minutes until soft. Proceed to add your diced green pepper and cook for 2-3 minutes until your peppers are tender. Now add your crispy mince back to the pan along with your DailyDish Korean Glaze and cook for 1-2 minutes until your sauce has warmed through and glazes your mince.

Step 3 - Fresh Carrot and Fennel

Mix your julienne carrots, chopped fennel, and lemon juice in a medium mixing bowl along with a few glugs of olive oil and reserve to serve. Heat a large frying pan over med-high heat, add a glug of olive oil and stir fry your noodles for 2-3 minutes to heat through. Use tongs to stir and constantly move your noodles around so they heat through evenly and don't end up clumping. Season your noodles lightly with salt and pepper.

To serve

Divide your rice noodles amongst your servings, top with your Korean stir fry and fresh carrot and fennel. Finish by sprinkling over your sesame seeds. Enjoy!