Solo: Paprika Smoked Chicken & Penne Bake

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Solo: Paprika Smoked Chicken & Penne Bake

Paprika and fresh thyme smoked chicken, baked with a creamy white sauce, parmesan and penne. Served with a lemon and olive oil dressed mixed leaf salad.

Ingredients to serve 1

  • 100g x penne
  • ¼ x onion – chop finely
  • 125g x Smoked Chicken - flaked
  • ¼ tbsp x paprika
  • 1.5g x thyme – remove leaves and chop, discard stalks
  • 12.5g x butter (from your pantry)
  • 12.5g x flour
  • 187.5ml x milk (from your pantry)
  • ¼ tsp x Dijon mustard
  • 7.5g x parmesan cheese – grate coarsely
  • 12.5g x mature cheddar – grate coarsely
  • ½ x tomatoes – deseed and cut into small cubes
  • 20g x salad leaves
  • ¼ x lemon - halved for juicing
  • . x olive oil (from your pantry)
  • . x salt and black pepper (from your pantry)
  • . x extra butter (from your pantry)


Step 1

Preheat the oven to 200°C. Prepare all ingredients as indicated above.

Step 2

Get a large pot of salted water on to boil. When the water is at a rolling boil throw in the pasta for 10 minutes. When it is cooked but still has a slight bite, its ready. Drain the pasta.

Step 3

Fry the onion in some butter and some salt over medium heat for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally, until softened now add your flaked smoked chicken along with your paprika and thyme, cook for 2-3 minutes until heated through.

Step 4

To make the sauce, melt the butter in a large saucepan (you can use the same pan you boiled the pasta in), add the flour and whisk together so they combine. Cook for 1 minute while stirring, then gradually add the milk, whisking over a medium heat until the sauce is smooth and thickened, and allow to cook for 5 minutes. Whisk the mixture often until it thickens enough to coat the back of a spoon. Stir in the mustard and ¾ the mature cheddar and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Step 5

Mix the pasta, onion, and chicken in with the sauce and pour into a baking dish. Then add a layer of sliced tomatoes. Top with the parmesan and the remaining mature cheddar and bake for 8-10 minutes until golden.

Step 6

Dress the salad leaves with olive oil, lemon juice, and season with salt and pepper. Serve the Paprika Smoked Chicken Penne Bake with the salad on the side.